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This conversation is getting close to the natami forum style fast

Gunnar, I don't think the Amiga community is a shitty one, I really don't, but as you probably realize we have been (over-)promised a lot of things a lot of times, so I'd say it is understandable that people don't trust blindly anymore. I'd say it's best not to promise too much and just deliver.

It's best for us to focus on realistic goals: A fast 020-style CPU with AGA core, RTG, ethernet and maybe an AHI sound card. We can make all the 20000000MHz 060 CPUs, AGA++++++ stuff once we have the basics going. Please, focus on the CPU core, the rest will hopefully be picked up by somebody else. I would also like to ask you to work on near 100% - compatible M68K core, otherwise it is no use for me in an Amiga / minimig, irregardless of how fast it is, period. Personally, I don't really want some kind of next-gen Amiga with super CPU, 3D capabilities and whatnot, I'm perfectly fine with an Amiga as it is, perhaps in a more affordable package and some added CPU speed

To get back on topic, yes the Sockit board is pretty good, I already ordered a very similar board, the DE1-SOC for some minimig experimentation. But there is already the Mist board, which is available *now*, and it is big enough for a nice 020 core + AGA, so if you ever opensource your CPU core, we have a board ready to test it on

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