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Originally Posted by jbenam View Post
Is Gunnar the real saviour of the high-end community? Will he bring us awesome accelerated joy for peanuts?

Discover the truth (and other drama) on the next episode of "THE AMIGA ROLLERCOASTER". Talks, excitement, letdowns!

Don't miss it - Next week on EAB!
Sorry to say that... What have you contributed in recent years to the platform?

I do not share his choice of words but I understand his feelings because I felt the same a couple of times in the past, even thought about dropping everything and leaving again. A lot of people are not contributing anything and just talking and (worse) frustrating the few who try to do anything. And if you say "I am not a programmer" there is a lot of to do and document and be it "only" testing. So what is your contribution?

Originally Posted by tolkien View Post
But why are people so angry. I think all this is beautiful.
Because they feel good making superior comments because they know how the world goes round...

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