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Originally Posted by TCD View Post
You might want to reconsider this line or take a week off. Your choice.
Listen my friend.
I've spend 5 years to develop a high performance 68K CPU.
This CPU is faster than a 100 Mhz 68060 and its very affortable for new projects. Building a new system with it cost of less than $10 of FPGA.
So this really does open new options for classic AMIGA systems.

We have all the pieces to build a new good classic AMIGA if we wanted,
* We have the OS
* We have the chipset
* We have the CPU

If we really - really - really wanted could build an AMIGA
with 200 MIPS, 128 MB fastmem and AGA++ chipset for 50 Euro.

Wheter is a great community or a shitty community does in my opinion show how the community acts here.
Is the community able to get this done?
Or can people only moan?
TCD what is your reaction: Do you moan or to you get it done?
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