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Originally Posted by Gunnar View Post
Forged demo?
There was no forget demo.

See this is exactly the attitude of this shitty commnunity.
The source for the demo is there and it was offered/available for download.
How many people wanted to source - ZERO, NONE, NO-ONE.
The really people don't care about.
But people like to call if fake.

The same with NATAMI the NATAMI works and runs since many years.
But people still like to call it fake.

We talk here that AMIGA can have a better chance if producers would be halve greedy.
Why should they do this for this community?
We should calm a little. People were too often disappointed in the past so they do not believe anybody anymore. You should concentrate on the first piece (a accellerator with fast processor, more ram and RTG) for all models and if that is out all people with doubts like Wawa will become silent. Make a developer blog, show a video workbench booting and so on. If that phase is completed it is good time to make plans for next steps. As a example if we want developers return we need both future products and real buyable hardware. So step by step. Mike wrote on that his core will be opensourced soon so perhaps something combining both (yours and his core) will become possible. Time will tell.

Regarding cheap hardware, normally you need big production runs for that and that means someone taking risks and prefinancing. At the moment I do not see anybody willing and able to do that. So best strategy is to have hardware out that is sold to the community and showable, develop a new standalone core with both AGA/SAGA/68k and so on on the FPGA and then show it to investors. At the moment we have not much to show (even after the accellerators are out). We are excited but potential investors will propably be as negative as TGE at first so you need something to persuade them. Even that 68k is more efficient than other processor is not interesting anyone outside the community.


Igor (creator of Vampire boards) also wrote that the demo was not tuned or similar for the core and the source is available. So if anyone has doubts he can check. People that not check should not make such comments without evidence.

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