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Originally Posted by Gunnar View Post
You know the answer yourself.
The AMIGA scene is a crazy niche market - where people are willing to pay insane prices.

In some way the people that paid crazy money for the X1000 are responsible for the situation themselves

Well, i am NOT available to pay insane prices: the already high cost of hardware in the half nineties prevented me to buy a 4000/030, and prices did NOT fall after a while, so there was no way for me to buy a new Amiga machine or a better accelerator than my Viper EC030 even if i wanted.

That, and the mismanagement of Commodore and other brought me to support AROS since i believe in users handling their own system better than any company could be.

Amiga brought high tech powerful machine to the masses,and the os4 guys are trying to make it an expensive niche: i disagree with that and would love to endorse lower price hardware, possibly with AROS 68k well tweaked

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