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Originally Posted by Codetapper View Post
Asman: I coded the joystick fix a few months ago for the game (normally a bit is set for each direction, so 1 might be up, 2 down, 4 left etc) but the game has crazy combinations like 3 might be left and up and 7 might be down. It meant you couldn't use the crosshair in the menus properly.

I assume Galahad is just putting the code in.
Actually, I'd already included it back in January, so much for my memory!!

Just need to adjust timings for the intro, adjust timing for the text that tells you you can abort intro loading, and Greyfox is doing me a logo for the 'team' .

Once Greyfox has done that, will goto you for final beta testing, then converted to sector loading, then ready for release.

and whoever requested a music on/off option, thats been added as well
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