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Originally Posted by OlafSch View Post
Toni Wilen has invested some work in the Roms recently, f.e. added PSF3 support and added Blitter support. Wawa has tested it recently and said it becomes usable even without RTG (he has 060 so he cannot say how it behave on 030.
just to put it straight, i have ran it on a4k with cs 060 and a1200 with an blizzard 040 and can run it down through 030 down to bare a1200 020 with some ram, only i did not. i have yet other things to do than test each and every cofig there is. i think i do otherwise my best, but then it takes its time, why else barely anyone is testing aros on real amiga. by the download numbers i am one guy and thats it.

now to gunnars idea, as far as im concerned count me in, but ill rather want it as an accel for my a4000 first and i wanna see amiga software running on it up front. so where is the workbench youtube running on phoenix core?

Originally Posted by Gunnar View Post
Could it be that you did not understand what we talk about here?
Or are you just angry that I speak out the truth?

If I wanted to make money, then I would not post this.
I would just look around and see that Amiga people are used to pay X-hundred $$ for a similar product and I would ask for X hundred $$ for mine.
This would be the way to make easy money.

But lets today have the guts to speak the truth, OK?
Most AMIGA product could be produce for much less money
and most could be sold for 50% of their current price.

While I fully understand why the small companies do not do this - its clear the AMIGA will stay a total niche until someone breaks this wishes cycle.
okay be honest. im not some x1k fan, no matter it has a quote of the lyrics of b52s on the board or not. now your board will not challenge the x1k for the pure number crunching power, however outdated it be. your board will be all over much cheaper (i guess) and will address the existing 68k software base as a native solution since thats what is a common denominator in the amiga community. so just show off that above mentioned 68k code running on your core already, and i mean a regular code, not a forged demo.

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