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Originally Posted by TCD View Post
Any yet they didn't. Do you have an answer for that?
You know the answer yourself.
The AMIGA scene is a crazy niche market - where people are willing to pay insane prices.

In some way the people that paid crazy money for the X1000 are responsible for the situation themselves

The situation is simple:
In the AMIGA hardware market you have all small companies.
What is easier for small companies:
Sell a few hundred pieces of hardware each with a real good revenue?
Or sell a ten thousand of pieces of small revenue each?

Originally Posted by TCD View Post
I'd suggest you root for a different tactic for selling your product.
Could it be that you did not understand what we talk about here?
Or are you just angry that I speak out the truth?

If I wanted to make money, then I would not post this.
I would just look around and see that Amiga people are used to pay X-hundred $$ for a similar product and I would ask for X hundred $$ for mine.
This would be the way to make easy money.

But lets today have the guts to speak the truth, OK?
Most AMIGA product could be produce for much less money
and most could be sold for 50% of their current price.

While I fully understand why the small companies do not do this - its clear the AMIGA will stay a total niche until someone breaks this wishes cycle.

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