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Originally Posted by Gunnar View Post
I agree that a big company could make a big difference for the platform.
Commodore was good in producing their system for little money and selling them for an affortable price.

The A500 was good value for the money.
The A1200 also was good value for the money.

I miss this good value for the money.
Could a good value for the money be produced again?
What would it needed for this?
Both A500 and A1200 were good value because of the hardware (expecially the A500). The A1200 was at its time already too little too late. The A500 offered superior graphic and sound at its time and features like scrolling and bobs that were unique for that price. So Amiga NG should be great there too.

Originally Posted by Gunnar View Post
Do you have any clue what a Minimig system really costs to produce in numbers?
If wanted you can produce a Minimig system for less than $20.
You certainly could but only if someone is investing millions for production and marketing. Do you have someone?

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