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Originally Posted by TCD View Post
Or that even. Means we don't really need any special new hardware to run AROS. Doesn't it?
Toni Wilen has invested some work in the Roms recently, f.e. added PSF3 support and added Blitter support. Wawa has tested it recently and said it becomes usable even without RTG (he has 060 so he cannot say how it behave on say 030)

Originally Posted by Gunnar View Post
Why should this not sell at Walmart?

The C64 Joystick was device which sold great.

With a FPGA base system you could create both.
An compatible classic AMIGA game system - which could sell in thousand at Walmart. And a system which could be use with original 68K software and AROS at the same time. You could use the free AROS as legal kickstart replacement and play games - you could ven use AROS with modern webbrowsers in such a system to surf the internet...

Now tell us why should this not sell at Walmart?
Sounds good. It could be a new start for the platform but we need investors (people or companies) who take the risk and produce it in big numbers.

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