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Originally Posted by TCD View Post
AROS runs on cheap PCs, so your point is rather moot.

You didn't answer my question though. I guess you are aware that this FPGA is another niche solution that will bring nothing new. Porting games from other platforms isn't going to get many new customers you see.

You wanted to know why this won't sell at Walmart and I think we established why it won't.
Strange... I use the 68k version and heard rumors that it even run on real hardware... Strange but perhaps I am wrong...

I can say you why it has chances to sell... in opposite to your AmigaOS or MorphOS it has the "geek factor", it is special, interesting, different to a standard PC. And there are many people who remember amiga and might be tempted if it is cheap enough. Why sells the Raspberry? Not because of its hardware but because of the price.


Big company investing sounds nice, do you have somebody interested or just theory? It would be great of course to have somebody again investing in the platform.

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