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Originally Posted by Gunnar View Post
You would get a compatible System to the best AMIGA 4000
with Cyberstrom, Cybervision, Network Card, USB Card,
for a fraction of the price.
And the system would be brandnew, with waranty.
I totally get your point, believe me. And my opinion does not count, I just am curious about the driving force behind such projects.

I can't help to think though that there are a bunch of projects that are similar (Minimigs, FPGA-arcades, Chameleons, Natamis and all that) and in the end what happens is that people get demotivated and let the projects, unfortunately, rot. I think maybe this could be avoided if all the people interested in the platform would actually work together into one unified effort.

There's lots of brilliant minds in the community to make something happen, but alone it's much harder.
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