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Originally Posted by brett71 View Post
The specs look impressive and I agree, compared to the price of a used 4000, this thing would be far superior even if it basically emulated the same hardware specs as a 4000.
With the fast FPGA and the huge caches you can give it in this FPGA - your 68K would be real fast - it would run cycles around PPC power up systems.

And actually the Sockit board is not the only board on the market.
There are also another good boards on the market.
One of them cost $170 but it has only 512 MB memory.

I wonder if creating special hardware like the Minimig is the future or if choosing existing FPGA systems that give great value for little money is the future.

Would a model be possible that developers create new CPU and chipset and offer this for this stock cards for a little bonus..

What do you think?
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