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Angry Autofire broken?

I wanted to play Turrican II after a very long time.
So I went to input settings and used autofire for joy2(button1) on my 3rd button on the pc controller(p880).I used to play it without it back in the days but maybe I get old...

The problem is that it does start firering but does not stop.
No matter which button I press.
I do not use toggle mode.Tryed it but it doesn't help with the problem.

I did not try in quickstart yet I used the whdload version and a very bloated scalos as my desktop.Last time I played it everyting was fine.
Ok I disabled JIT but thats normal for me playing older games and demos.

What can it be? Anyone an idea? Toni,maybe?

EDIT: I tried quickstart mode A500 and it behaves exactly the same way. One button press starts autofire but it never stops. If I hold the button it will activate the secondary weapon and if I release it autofire starts again.

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