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Originally Posted by robinsonb5 View Post
Of course writing an AGA core for it is a massive undertaking, but getting the existing Minimig OCS core, Gunnar's CPU core and maybe RTG graphics running on it within a matter of months rather than years shouldn't be beyond the bounds of possibility.
If you have a working base setup with DMA channels then
writing a truecolor RGT core is peanuts - really.
I did it before. :-D
It can be done on a weekend.

Starting with an ECS chipset is not bad.
AGA is actually not that different from ECS.
AGA is technically more an enhancemnt of ECS.
If the ECS chipset is desinged halve way sensible than you can keep
like 80% of the ECS chipset and only need to change 20% to get AGA out of it.

Our CPU core is based around the standard ALTERA Bus protocols.
This means instantiating it in an ALTERA chip like this SOCKIT and using the socket DMA/Memory controler "click and play".
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