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Originally Posted by brett71 View Post
As much as my curiosity is always piqued when discussions of a "next-gen Amiga" come out, I'd like to see more specifics on such a machine. And after the promise and total debacle of Natami, I'd much rather not hear anything until hardware is ready for sale and shipping. Call me jaded, if you like.
The hardware's ready for sale and shipping now. That's the big attraction of this board - it's a general purpose development board made by Arrow. In fact it's probably the first general purpose dev board to be both (a) beefy enough to be interesting and (b) not priced in the stratosphere.

It "just" needs the core to be written.

Of course writing an AGA core for it is a massive undertaking, but getting the existing Minimig OCS core, Gunnar's CPU core and maybe RTG graphics running on it within a matter of months rather than years shouldn't be beyond the bounds of possibility.

(As a bonus the FPGA also contains a dual core ARM Cortex A9 - I'm sure we could come up with some interesting uses for that!)
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