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Originally Posted by pandy71 View Post
Commodore probably consider at some point MC68000 with AGA but 32 bit CHIP bus is required to provide bandwidth.
But with connecting AGA to FPGA probably everything can be done in opposite side - i.e. CHIP bus no longer limitations for CPU especially when fast memory used.

Btw i doubt that any AGA system use different E clock than 0.7MHz - perhaps code in timer.device was designed for other system (future? CD32?).
I have double checked the A1200 schematics and the E clock from Gayle seems to be at 700 KHz. The BOM also states "1 MHz VIA 8520".
Hardware docs on internet show that 2 MHz 8520 were only used on 1571 and 1581 floppy drives.
All the Amiga have the 1 MHz version. Sorry, my mistake.
It makes the conversion of ECS machines to AGA a lot easier.


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