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Originally Posted by FrenchShark View Post
If the AGA chipset is put on an FPGA based accelerator board, 95% of the original OCS/ECS chipset becomes useless (16-bit Chip RAM is too slow for AGA DMAs).
Only the I/O related chips stay a little bit useful on the A500/A2000 PCB :
- Paula (Serial port, Joystick/Mouse)
- 8520s (Floppy, Parallel port, Joystick/Mouse, Keyboard)


Commodore probably consider at some point MC68000 with AGA but 32 bit CHIP bus is required to provide bandwidth.
But with connecting AGA to FPGA probably everything can be done in opposite side - i.e. CHIP bus no longer limitations for CPU especially when fast memory used.

Btw i doubt that any AGA system use different E clock than 0.7MHz - perhaps code in timer.device was designed for other system (future? CD32?).
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