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Originally Posted by trydowave View Post
Quick question, not a Amiga VS ST argument (im sure everyone here knows which one will come out on top ).

The Amiga normally beats the ST in every department apart from 2 things...

The STs slightly faster CPU and its MIDI port.

Would an Amiga with an External Midi interface be as good as an Amiga for music production?

Basically. Would it trump the one and only appealing thing about the ST?
yes, if you could also connect high resolution, high quality, non-interlaced, 70KHz display to Amiga, than they would be equally suitable for midi

Originally Posted by Ami_GFX View Post
The St's weakness in the OS department was actually an advantage for midi programing because the programers weren't restricted by trying to conform to strict OS guidlines and used a lot of assembly hacks.
e.g. CuBase had MROS (MIDI Real-time Operating System)

"Steinberg created MROS or ‘music realtime operating system’. This was a true real time OS that could run multiple MROS compatible programs simultaneously, while giving the highest priority to midi timing. Hence the GUI could slow down, but your midi timing never suffered.

MROS was revolutionary at the time, and allowed other useful features such as sharing device drivers between software and could be updated independently from the software it ran.

The reason you don’t hear about it much is that the cracked versions of the Steinberg Atari products generally broke MROS enough to prevent mutiple programs, the MROS Switcher, and other useful features from working. Those of us with a handful of dongles and a MIDEX however had a rather powerful system."

Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
So my point still stands: an Amiga is indeed a much better machine than an ST.
just to note (and to avoid possible ban): Amiga is indeed a much better machine than an ST.
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