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Originally Posted by JimDrew View Post
Mike purchased a slew of 060's and made a test fixture to make sure that they are not missing anything (common with knock offs from China). So, I would assume that Mike didn't do this to sit on them.

I have a developer daughter board myself, which is different from the 060 daughter board. Mike has a real job designing hardware and traveling all over the world sourcing components. With Wolfgang helping him with the ARM code and hardware layers, the progress has been speedy by comparison to Mike just tinkering over the years prior. Mike has hundreds of boards just sitting around doing nothing. That's a lot of money tied up that he would like to get back, and continue to profit from in the future with the production of new boards. The design is solid, and even though it is older, the FPGA is still large even by today's standards, so it's not outdated by any means.
"large" and "outdated" depend on your view... if you have really something to show then make another thread. This is about the new accellerators with Apollo core and not about FPGA Arcade
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