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Originally Posted by kamelito View Post
It would be nice and I think someone already ask for it is to post what you've done and learned along the way to build such port.
Oh and I know that you're lazy

I don't see that as a problem, the more that can tackle this kind of thing the better.

I picked the right game to do...... and the wrong game to do!

Because this game started off life as a Spectrum game, most of the game engine is based on the Spectrum game, so it plots everything with bytes, and then converts to run on the ST in words.

Of course if I had the source I could go in there and change lots of routines to forgo displaying to the ST screen first and have it convert from Spectrum to Amiga, but would be nicer with the commented source code I think

As a first attempt into doing this, and not having a huge amount of experience of the ST, I think i've done ok
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