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Originally Posted by JimDrew View Post
You can start with whatever you damn please to test your hardware.
While this might your personal opinion - this is not how law in the real world works.

In Companies where FPGA code is coded for money, there its common practise that the VHDL developers have to sign a legal statement - in which they state that they have not used or copied any Open source code, nor even looked at any open souce code related to their topic work - while developing their VHDL code.

What do think why do US companies require this legal statement?

Open source code is like a virus - when you use it in your project your whole code will end up open source.

But lets face it at the end of the day this is good that it works like this.
Otherwise people would just steal an open source code - rebrand it and sell it without opening it again. And this is stealing right?

I think Mike can get very easy out if this by simply asking Dennis und Tobias to sell him a license.
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