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If you re-used code, I would agree that would not be legal. The fact is using any reference material to create an original (non-copied) work is legal in any country on this planet. Copying code obviously is not legal, so comparing code side-by-side (along with the bit file you wanted) is an easy way to determine that has not occurred. Simple as that. To say that if I merely look at an open source project and then write my own code that does the exact same thing is not legal is simply ridiculous and clearly shows your lack of understanding of copyright laws. I can look at whatever I like, and as long as I do not steal any code, I can certainly make the same thing if I want to. In the U.S., this is called fair use, and the only exception that applies is for a utility patent. Sure, you might have to prove that you made original code, but so what? As long as you can do that, who cares? In the U.S. this would mean that someone would have to file a suit against you, and then pay *you* damages when they lose (providing of course you can prove your code is original). Can you imagine a world where we couldn't look at something and re-create it exactly and/or improved? There would be only one type of car, one type of computer, one type of cell phone, etc. Given this logic, nobody should be reproducing the Amiga custom chipsets.

I have the source code to much of the core and I can tell you it is substantially different from minimig. So, I have absolutely zero concerns about importing and selling this product.

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