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Fixed the tearing issues and the blitter flashing issue.

Basically, fast as the blitter code is, it just can't do the entire screen in a frame it seems, so i've managed to find more space in memory for a double buffer, and now the game has no flashing and no tearing.

This version is going to be noticeably slower on 68000 than on the original ST because of the way the conversion works, but because this isn't a high action game, I consider it to be playable.

Obviously if you have 68020+ then it runs like a dream, even with all the work it has to do, its quicker than the ST original.

This isn't a dig at Meynaf, but his ports don't include 68000, I wanted to change that perception and try, and I think i've been largely successful.

Having said that, I intend to try and speed it up a little more with maybe relocating important routines to slow mem for A500 owners.

I think the percentage increase is minimal, but any speed increase is a bonus as far as I am concerned.

For those thinking "but its a tiny screen", you're right, it is tiny. But the problem I have is that whenever the characters speak, they have large speech bubbles which can and are plotted outside of the game screen area, so I can't just replot the gamescreen, I have to plot it all so that nothing gets missed out.
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