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Originally Posted by JimDrew View Post
That would be the case, if this were true
Does this really hold water?

He stated often enough himselfs to use the open source cores and to have added stuff to them.
He stated himself that he uses Minimig Core and added AGA features.
It was stated often enough that the TG68 core was used.
And the performance values that were posted were exactly the same values as TG68 scores in this type of FPGA.

And even if he now wrote now his own core : as he stated before that he used the open source core - legally he would now be in a position where he needs to prove that he did not copy even a single line of it.

For a commercial product you are NEVER EVER allowed to start with an open source code - even if you later write your own.
As soon as you start with the open source stuff you are legally in a tained position where a Free software laywer would make you to prove that you did not copy anything.

I would never touch the minimig core - because of this legal situation.
My advice for him is to buy a license of the used open source cores...
Then he has a chance to get out of this.
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