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Originally Posted by pandy71 View Post

AFAIR Commodore mentioned such possibility in Budgie description - Budgie should be able perform conversion between 16 bit CPU bus and 32 bit CHIP AGA bus.
So this should be possible - A3000 schematics have something like Budgie but on TTL - bunch of 74646 buffers mostly.
If the AGA chipset is put on an FPGA based accelerator board, 95% of the original OCS/ECS chipset becomes useless (16-bit Chip RAM is too slow for AGA DMAs).
Only the I/O related chips stay a little bit useful on the A500/A2000 PCB :
- Paula (Serial port, Joystick/Mouse)
- 8520s (Floppy, Parallel port, Joystick/Mouse, Keyboard)


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