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Originally Posted by Gunnar View Post
You have to mind the situation they are in.
Mike re-uses an Open Source Amiga Chipset.
Mike also re-uses an Open Source 68K CPU.
This means every addition or enhancement he makes is by law also open source.
That would be the case, if this were true - but it's not. In the beginning, the core was ported from minimig for testing the hardware. Now, every piece of the VHDL code is from scratch so that the code does not have to be given out, and can remain a commercial product. I do think that Mike will end up releasing the code to the public at some point, but that is not what is happening right now. Making all new from scratch, along with making the hardware abstraction layer (which handles a lot of the Amiga core functions) is what has been taking so long.

The biggest interest, at least in the U.S. is for the Amiga core.
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