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Originally Posted by Lord Aga View Post
But... why ? It isn't an Amiga-only board. We could have been having fun with simpler Speccy or C64 cores all this time.
You have to mind the situation they are in.
Mike re-uses an Open Source Amiga Chipset.
Mike also re-uses an Open Source 68K CPU.
This means every addition or enhancement he makes is by law also open source.

This means the day he does sell the first board
he has by law to also make all the enhancements open source.
If he already sold a single board then he is in theory already under pressure to provide all sources on request.

This is nice for the users of Minimig, Mist and all others as they get a free copy of his stuff.

Commercially this is not an easy situation for him as there are
very good boards on the market which have more main memory
and much better FPGAs for a lot less money.

Its really a tricky market situation for Mike.
As soon as he ships the first board he has to free up all his VHDL code.
Then its only matter of time and cheaper and technically maybe
more advanced boards can provide the same AMIGA image
as his has for less money with stronger FPGA and more memory..
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