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Hi all quick question

Hi my name is rich. I have owned an amiga since 1989 batman pack. I upgraded to a1200 a few years later, but got rid of the a500. I have recently got a1200 from my parents (loft clear out). I have cleaned it up installed cfhd and accelerator for whdload and it works like a charm. Also for some reason i have bought a500 plus gotek floppy drive.

My question is.... I have some old disks that i have made into adf, demos mostly. Some look rare i would like to share these, but dont want to if they are no rare, how do i search all the resource to see if they exist, here are a few

Music demo with street tuff, black box, mchammer by ?axenon
Black and white by michael jackson music
Nasp III disk 1 need disk 2 my gone bust

Let me know if you want them zoning

Sorry if this is in wrong thread, still new to this
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