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Originally Posted by OlafSch View Post
Pretty soon? What does that mean? When it is done in just 2 more weeks?
Mike has had piles of boards for a year, all waiting for the Amiga core to be finalized. Mike has sold numerous boards to FPGA developers, so that is where a lot of the cores that already exist for the board have come from.

Mike and Wolfgang made the FPGA Arcade Replay board a development platform. It makes it easy to take an existing FPGA project and move it to the Replay because there are several hardware abstraction layers available - such as a video system (with variable clocking, DVI, SVideo/Composite outputs), a high-def stereo audio DAC, memory system, on screen display system with menuing, PS/2 mouse and keyboard support, high speed file I/O with a SD media card, etc. All of these modules are imbedded in the loader that pops up when you switch on the Replay. Your core just needs to take advantage of these modules (or replace them if you want - info about the board including complete schematics is readily available).

I expect to be demoing the completed Amiga core at CommVex at the end of the month.
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