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This is the first stage of a game i will make for the amiga 500.

Some info:

4 bitplane(16 colors) scroll engine, which is multi direction
scrolled and can handle clipped BOBS (Blitter objctects). 159 BOBS is inserted on random places. Up to 8 pixels/frames can be scrolled. This preview is scrolling 2 pixels/frames. I control the movements of screen with either mouse or arrowkeys. The routine executes in 50 frames/sec in my emulator in Exact mode, OCS/ECS. The area size = 120x160 tiles which is like 1920x2560 pixels wide game area, each tile is 16x16 pixels. The only memory which is necessary for this engine to run is 512 kB of chip memory. Cpu 68000 Motorola instruction set.

Tiles comes from the game: Axels magic hammer. A platfroms game for the Amiga 500.

Credits: Code by, Magnus T
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