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Here is the list of MIDI interfaces for the Amiga:

Every one of them uses the serial port which limits multiport bandwidth considerably. Almost all the the Multiport expanders for the ST, Mac and PCs of that era use a faster port. The ST expansion units use the cartridge port except for the Export which C-Lab warned against using for timing critical applications that used a lot of bandwidth like doing a lot of mod wheel changes or multibyte sysex messages in a sequence. Note ons and offs which are 3 byte mesages would be fine. The same would hold for the Amiga MIDI interfaces. If you did something that was complicated and used a lot of data, the timing would break down. That is why you would want additional ports. The ideal midi setup for an Amiga would have a Zorro card with additional serial ports and multiple midi interfaces. That would deal with any hardware timing issues.
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