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Originally Posted by Gunnar View Post
Can you please tell us which core this is?
The TG68 is only partially compatible, it used to miss 68010 and 68020 instructions.
This is Mike's CPU core. I don't think there is a single piece of anything left in the FPGA Arcade's Amiga core that is based around the minimig stuff anymore. Mike had to re-write each of the custom chips from scratch to make them 100% identical to the real hardware. In the process there is now Lisa, Gayle, and other chips and things that have never existed. There are still some things work out, but most all AGA demos that beat on the hardware work perfctly, the IDE drive is emulated exactly, etc. 020 instructions all work as well. It's basically a complete A1200 emulation.

I am the North American distributor for the FPGA Arcade Replay. I got involved with the project because I wanted to get the Paula emulation correct (since I know Paula inside and out) so that it would run MY Amiga applications that beat on the hardware directly. WinUAE does not work with most anything I wrote because of some tricks I did (which work on ALL Amiga models). I am not a super FPGA guy (still learning), but I am able to look at VHDL code and know enough about it to make changes. The Amiga core is close to completion. There are already numerous other cores that are done and working (VIC-20, Atari 800, Collecovision, multiple stand-up arcade machines, etc.). It's a great product with a big FPGA.
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