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Hooooo How to get Dungeon Master II to run as fast as the PC version?

Hey there everyone,

I compared the PC version to the Amiga version and if you look REAL CLOSE you can see that besides the awesome soundtrack the Amiga version actually looks more true to the style of Dungeon Master 1 - albeit a bit less detailed than the PC version, which in turn has a more colourful look that does not suit the game in all places.

So far the greatest trade-off of the Amiga version was the slow gameplay. So I tried to speed it up a bit by adjusting WinUAE's settings. And you "can" get it really fast - however, everything above a 68020 or even a "little" too fast settings for CPU, JIT or whatever, result in strange sound hickups. Amusingly it almost has exactly the same sound issues as "Eye of the Beholder III" with the older AESOP16 engine (just look for a playthrough on Youtube and you will hear what I mean). The sound just crackles here and there and there are hickups and "after-sounds" (TM) time and time again.

So is there a way to make the game run faster without sacrificing the sound? Which WinUAE settings could prevent that strange stuttering of the sound? Even "cycle exact" will not work if I boost the CPU a little.
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