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Originally Posted by Gunnar View Post
Two questions:

1) We could sell the card as pure CPU upgrade earlier.
But then all what the users will get is very fast 68K CPu plus 128 fast memory.

Would this be an option for the people?
yes. especially that i understand that the hardware is set in stone for starters as soon as the interface part has been finalized. as soon as all the hardware in question is present and only the vhdl to support it and drivers are still missing it would be fine.

2) Would people be interested in something like blog which we create.
We could add an update every other day or post some pictures.
Are people interested in this?
i would prefer hard facts rather than a blog. also blog costs time to maintain. as i said, for me the biggest motivation is to observe the repository, even if i dont understand all the details. i know it is out of question for non open sources, but something of sorts would be most welcome.
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