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Originally Posted by Samurai_Crow View Post
My current Blizzard1230mk4 has 16 megs of Fast RAM, SCSI2 adapter, FPU and full MMU installed. I might be tempted to sell it off and replace it with the FPGA board if ThoR could make a version of MuForce, MuGuardianAngel, Mungwall emulation from debug mode on AROS (Does that even use an MMU?), etc. that would run on it. It need not have a 68030 or even a 68060 compatible MMU since those are the only MMU utilities that would need to work with it. Those utilities are great for development and the main reason ACA accelerators don't sufficiently satisfy me or convince me to switch (not to mention that ACA doesn't go higher than an 'EC030 anyway).
looks like aros68k is not able to offer features available with the mutools on genuine amiga os, that means backtrace given non stripped binaries. at least its how i understood toni, since i would love this functionality and just asked him about that yesterday.
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