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Originally Posted by zapiy View Post
Wiggy, fancy seeing you here lol..
Originally Posted by Greyfox View Post
fancy seeing you both here
Eh up Thought they didnt let riff raff in here lol

Originally Posted by DonAmiga View Post
Hello and Welcome you should be ok on amibay also you can use amigakit for some upgrades
Aye just wanting to get the best service/price for stuff. So whilst ebay may be easiest, I'm probably better using an Amiga site to buy?

Originally Posted by sneeker View Post
Amibay's terrible... So much stuff to buy and so little money lol.

What issues are there with your current 1200? most cosmetics can be sorted, as long as the motherboards fine theres not much else to worry about.. unlesss the case is cracked and gouged?

Apoligies for late response.... Just getting my Amiga project started.

The A1200 case was broken by me when I first fitted the HDD as a hamfisted teenager, I think its even held in with sellotape inside Its not in great condition, the drive and keyboard have issues and its ripe for whilst not abandoning but certain using for some sort of project after I replace it.

I'm waiting on someone from work who has offered me a lot of Amiga kit for not much money (acually none!), but its taking time as he's busy and I dont want to push him too much...

The 2 main pressing questions I have though so I can start buying the right kit...

1) Assuming the new A1200 '030 7mb (apparently he has 7 not 8?) works, and I fit a CF HDD, what leads and software do I need to do a basic transfer of data from my old A1200 to the new e.g. my art, music, files (game saves) etc?

2) Once done, is there an easy way on the new machine to keep running old (A500 - A1200 unexpanded) games as well as the stuff that will take advantage of the accelerator?

I do have something I can do immediately and thats start playing some old games - D\Generation is my first stop and I'm planning a run though on that tomorrow

Cheers all for any help
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