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Originally Posted by Michael Sykes View Post
I thought you are kidding but there is really a "Stats for nerds" menu item.
YouTube (Google) change the menu every so often. Up until the end of last year there was a really useful "stop download" option, which I used whenever I wanted to stop a download immediately - sometimes I would accidentally start watch a video I had already seen, or needed my bandwidth for something else and didn't have time to waste.
Now I'm forced to close that particular browser window/tab to stop a video from downloading.

Have you seen the internal server error message about monkeys when errors happen on YouTube? That's one of the few last remaining bits left over from the original founders (back in 2005) of the site. Yes, YouTube will be 10 years old next year, and I have been a member since 2007.

Originally Posted by Michael Sykes View Post
I tried one of my uploads and was just wondering...

timestamp seconds 34.863
640x360, 750136 average kbps, 23% volume
TagStreamPlayer, HTTPS/DASH/VOD, 13107 kbps
24 stage fps, 0 video fps, 113 dropped, 0 kbps
software video rendering, accelerated video decoding
-24.669 db, 1 audio factor

...what is "stage fps" and why is it jumping from 10 to 24 and why does it say "software video rendering" when HW-decoding is ticked in the settings? Why does the stupid YT player not render to a HW-overlay as any other player?
I guess stage fps is something to do with the video being split into multiple segments (part of DASH/VOD format, as I recall). Each 'stage' (segment) has different rendering fps??

My stats whilst watching the latest video from Hannah Hart (MyHarto) - MY DRUNK KITCHEN (feat. Miranda Sings) [ Show youtube player ]:

timestamp seconds 26.679
256x144, 241890 average kbps, 100% volume
TagStreamPlayer, HHTPS/DASH/VOD, 360 kbps
10 stage fps, 16 video fps, 23 dropped, 0 kbps
software video rendering, null video decoding
NaN db, 1 audio factor

FYI: My browser is Firefox 3.6.22, OS is Windows 2K SP 4, Flash Player 10, laptop is Dell Lattitude C610 powered by a Pentium 3m CPU with a 460.8Kbps (3G) internet connection and I watch YouTube videos at their (current) size as displayed on the videopage - I don't watch video's fullscreen, as it causes it to (re)download the video from a larger file source (in the old days, fullscreen videos used the same source data stretched to fill the screen - not particularly noticeable with SD vids on a 1024x768 screen).

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