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Originally Posted by Ami_GFX View Post
The St's weakness in the OS department was actually an advantage for midi programing because the programers weren't restricted by trying to conform to strict OS guidlines and used a lot of assembly hacks. Notator totally rearranges the ST's memory and is incompatible with a lot of other St software. You basically have to dedicate your ST to it if you want to use it.
I ran Notator 3.0 and Degas Elite on my Amiga 600 with the help of EmuTOS, and it seems to work without issues. So my point still stands: an Amiga is indeed a much better machine than an ST.

BTW, there are many other Atari ST and Falcon emulators which could probably let you do the same thing on an Amiga, each with its own strong and weak points.

Try doing the opposite with an ST
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