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I am still in problems to connect the device successfully. I was using the protec usb adapter, bought a second one that comes all covered in black plastic, and I just received a third one, this time a CP2102 one.

And the gotek behaves EXACTLY like it was before, when connecting the green Tx light is very dim, and it is not recognized, not in windows and not even in linux. When I try to connect to it, the dim green light goes off (just the red power light stays on). If I reset, the device goes back to dim green Tx and bright power leds.

The adapter itself shows fine on /dev/ on linux (tty and cu) and also on windows, the driver install OK and it shows on the configuration, I was using COM4.

If I test the adapter, in fact I tested al three, making a bridge from tx to rx, it gives me echo commands on a serial terminal.

So, the gotek I got could be damaged? Weird thing is that I bought two, one with display and buttons and one without them, to test. Both do the same thing.

I saw on some ebay auction that the 3.3v line was also connected, what is that for? Is not used just to reset? Check here:

It says: "Here we have a CP2102-based USB to TTL programmer, especially modified to work with the Gotek floppy emulator. An extra connector has been fitted to the 3.3 volt line so that the device can easily be set into programming mode."

SPECIALLY MODIFIED? It's not supposed to work without any modification, just as-is?

Any ideas? I am completely stuck here...
I was having the exact same problem with connecting until I set the baud rate to the lowest speed. Now connects every time, though it takes about 10 minutes to flash.
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