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Unhappy Display refresh rate problem

I copied my installation from a WinNT (V 0.8.8R5) to a Win2K machine. Updated my installation to V0.8.22R5. In the process I deleted all my configurations from the old version as not to corrupt the new install. All of my Amiga files and settings (Startup-sequence, libs, devs....) are the same.

The problem:
I can only get a 60Hz refresh rate. All attempts to change it fail. My monitor reports 60Hz. I see 60Hz (flicker). BUT Screenmode in the prefs: directory reports 75Hz (which matches my settings in WinUAE display configuration) ????
Whats up/wrong? Any ideas?

The new machine is a P4 2.26G with 512M ram. The whole thing takes about 5Seconds to boot (windows) and my startup-sequence, WBStartup and all take 0 seconds. Wheeee.

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