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Originally posted by Echo
I don't know what you people do with your Amigas, but I find a 2gb drive plenty for all my utils and favourite hd game installs!

It's probably only 25% full at the moment.

For the video/iso stuff, I leave that to my PC which is far better and faster at handling large files.
Well, I don't (WON'T) have a PC, I do everything on my miggie, I have 43,789Mb of harddrive space (18G,13G,10G,4G) 2 IDE and 2 SCSI...

I have 3G of games, 8Gb of mp3's, 2G each for work the gfx, 4G for internet and downloads, 4G for images, 4G for iso's and 1G for system.

I does get rather cluttered, but then not have a PC running winslows, I don't have to do a total format/re-install a couple of times a year. I have never had to re-install an amiga OS due to software problems, only when upgrading (hardrive or OS, and then it's only a copy all from old partition to new one), the only time I've had to was due to terminal harddrive failure
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