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A1200 upgrading

Ayup! My first post on EAB!

So here's the thing... I have this box standard '92 A1200 on my desk (along side my C64 which I've made GREAT use of ) which has box standard Kickstart ROM 3.0, no HDD, nor any other mods whatsoever.

At the moment I've ordered some new add-on hardware from Kipper2K (who happens to be on this forum too... nice! ) and now I would like to get it up and running as a usable machine (using AmigaOS 3.9) for the following purposes...

Coding stuff on the A1200... assembly language and C mainly
Cross development for C64 productions.
Basic IRC chat client
Email & basic web browsing

and, if possible, a very simple web server hosting my little own website that I plan to write in the near future.

(not to forget watch Amiga demos, play games and what not )

Suggestions from you lot would be great!

/Owen (Conrad from C64 scene)
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