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Originally Posted by kamelito View Post
For Mutant Monty just ask Steve Ancell at this homepage his blitzmax source code then it'll be easier to port it to Amiga. Kamelito
Kamelito, yes I'm hoping he might offer the code to an Amiga Blitz coder.
He is keen on a Android version so I'll do my best to help him out in any way.

Thanks for your replies and game suggestions, will be having a look at them over the next few weeks or so.

Bastich, sure I will see what I can do, please send me more info, do you have sample graphics you want updating and I could have a go at updating them, any type of remakes is always fun

Jack, nice to be reminded of Yie ar Kung Fu, played that on the Amstrad but must check out other platforms. Needed to go see a video of that one [ Show youtube player ] I'd be keen on remaking that one too.

While my focus will be on Warblade MKII, any spare moment I plan to work on some remakes. Never enough time in the world of course.

P.S. Fruity Frank I enjoyed too
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