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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
That's not true either. You'd be hard pressed to find an A500 game that doesn't start with 2MB fastmem. Out of all the slaves I tried with the ACA500, only one game needed more - Frontier. Most A500 games were happy with 1MB or they wouldn't get sold, the overhead for WB and WHDLoad fits in the remaining RAM. See my ACA500 video for more detail on that.
I think you are just postulating here whereas I am speaking from experience.

Rev6 A500, stock except for 512kb trapdoor expansion, and ACA500.
Booting WB3.1 to run WHDLoad, you lose half a meg of fast RAM for maprom.
With this configuration there were many whdload slaves that wouldn't run, even if I booted classicWB in minimal or CLI modes. The error was 'Can't allocate ExpMem' or some variation. I've fiddled with tooltypes and various options on the ACA500, they wouldn't make the slaves work.

James Pond and Zool are good examples - they wouldn't run without the ACA1232 due to lack of RAM. With the ACA1232 they slow down and drop frames particularly when there are a lot of enemies on screen. Booting these games from a floppy (not WHDLoad) exhibits the same behaviour.

I could play Turrican without the ACA1232, but with it enabled it drops frames in busy scenes.
I've found a lot of demos that do this too.

Jens himself confirmed on these boards that chipset bandwidth suffers if you use an A1200 accelerator in your ACA500.

Now I am left wishing I hadn't forked out for the ACA1232 and instead just bought more RAM upgrades for the A500.

I really did try to give the ACA500 a chance even when many people were being negative about it - but I have to say that after using it I am a bit disappointed with it.
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