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Originally Posted by DonutKing View Post
Be that as it may, the fact is that adding an A1200 accelerator to my ACA500 makes games and demos run worse - even without whload.

Without the accelerator you wont have enough memory to run most whdload slaves!

Maybe neither of these expansions are good whdload solutions...
That's not true either. You'd be hard pressed to find an A500 game that doesn't start with 2MB fastmem. Out of all the slaves I tried with the ACA500, only one game needed more - Frontier. Most A500 games were happy with 1MB or they wouldn't get sold, the overhead for WB and WHDLoad fits in the remaining RAM. See my ACA500 video for more detail on that.

Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Are you ok? You're usually a very balanced intuitive guy. In this context "lots of users" did not mean A500 users but users of this IDE interface for A500 which has been around for decades. Even before Kipper2k did his board!

You should do your homework. This is not his design. It is a recreation of the A600 Gayle IDE done years ago. Kipper2k merged two existing boards. IDE68k by Mr.Mkl and A608 by LordV.

Stuttering on preloaded WHDload slaves on 7mhz Amiga's is usually bad slave coding and can be fixed if you bring it to the authors attention .
Yes, I remember now that that is usually the problem. Who will A500-fix the Turricans, the X/Z-out, Silkworm etc etc? With the fast ACA500 you won't have to wait for them fix the games you'd like to play.

It's not obvious two cards sold years apart are the same design. You may have followed hardware designs over the years, non hardware design buffs have not. A guy with an A500 is just wondering how he's going to give his A500 RAM+IDE, or he needs to replace his GVP - and then he'd be as surprised as I when he has to use a bootdisk. Are you saying it's impossible to add a bootrom to this design? Even if it is, you'd have to know the hardware design to know that. And just the hardware design buffs know the hardware design. See what I mean?
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