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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
I prefer to use unmodified Commodore ROMs in my Amigas. And "lots of users" is false and completely irrelevant. The number of A500s with kick 1.3 in them is HUGE, number of Amiga EPROM burner users, maybe 50 in the world and half of them probably have no A500.
Are you ok? You're usually a very balanced intuitive guy. In this context "lots of users" did not mean A500 users but users of this IDE interface for A500 which has been around for decades. Even before Kipper2k did his board!

This is what makes it a bummer that he didn't add support for booting under kick 1.3.
You should do your homework. This is not his design. It is a recreation of the A600 Gayle IDE done years ago. Kipper2k merged two existing boards. IDE68k by Mr.Mkl and A608 by LordV.

Stuttering on preloaded WHDload slaves on 7mhz Amiga's is usually bad slave coding and can be fixed if you bring it to the authors attention .
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