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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Unlike those units it has no boot ROM and hence no drivers.

You can patch the KS3.1 A600 Gayle IDE driver into your KS1.3 and burn a new EPROM. Lots of users do this
I prefer to use unmodified Commodore ROMs in my Amigas. And "lots of users" is false and completely irrelevant. Anyone who has a 16-bit ROM EPROM burner and has ordered such chips can probably make his own boards too.

The number of A500s with kick 1.3 in them is HUGE, number of Amiga EPROM burner users, maybe 50 in the world and half of them probably have no A500.

This is what makes it a bummer that he didn't add support for booting under kick 1.3. The vast majority who had an A500 and wanted to bring it out and use it with this nice upgrade, will go "bootdisk? ...really." While it's still usable, I think it's important to bring it up and give the advice to upgrade to kick 3.1 before installing the card.

Originally Posted by DonutKing View Post
This is a good point. Having used my ACA500 with an ACA1232 for a couple of months now I have to say it is not an ideal WHDLoad machine.

The ACA500 only comes with 2MB of RAM, and you lose half of this if you use maprom to boot Kickstart 3.1.
This is not enough for most WHDload games or demos. Most fail to run, the ones that do will have a blank screen while loading.

While you can install an A1200 accelerator into the ACA500, there is a performance penalty for anything that uses the Amiga chipset extensively. Unfortunately this includes most games and demos. I have found many of these will stutter and the music will slow down when an A1200 accelerator is installed.

This isn't related to whdload, even booting the games/demos off a floppy shows the same symptoms. With the A1200 accelerator removed however, everything is normal.

For Workbench and stuff that doesn't use the chipset, my ACA500 + ACA1232 flies. For WHDload, I'm finding more and more games/demos that don't work properly unless I to disable the ACA1232, and then fight to get enough free memory to run them.

While the ACA500 does have a few nifty features - external AUX CF card slot is great for getting files onto the system, KS1.3 + 3.1 with patched IDE and FAT support, and of course the A1200 accelerator slot which was no doubt quite a technical achievement - the lack of RAM and hobbled A1200 accelerator make this a disappointing WHDLoad solution for me.

If WHDload isn't your priority then the ACA500 is probably ideal. Otherwise I'd say one of kipper2k's boards is the better solution.
Other way around, because WHDLoad simply isn't made for unaccelerated A500. That is to say some A500 games stutter on my A500+GVP (harddisk+RAM interface identical to Kipper2k's) and the reason I'm told is that there is some interrupt overhead for the CPU.

ACA500's CPU handles this easily, and while 512K extra from upgrading your ROM chip (which is also necessary for Kipper2k's) doesn't accommodate preload for 4-disk etc games it can make some more games preload.

Actually I'm testing a combo of these two boards in my A500 But I won't be able to test it out fully until after Sunday since I'm going away for the weekend.

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