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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
64k Intro (64k Intro) by Technology -> (A1200 basic)(pics 1 & 2)
Both A1200 confirmed (random pause does happen)

Herb! (64k Intro) by Polka Brothers -> (A1200 basic)(pics 3 & 4) ... after pic3 quick glitche happens pic4!
A1200 confirmed.

Intro (64k Intro) by University Of Drinking -> (A1200 basic)(pic.5) ... some glitches !
100% A1200 confirmed.

Opal Se Futec (64k Intro) by Exile -> (A1200 basic)(pic.6) ... when it starts, after a while, screen is shifted !?
A1200 confirmed. Most likely that effect only works correctly with original bootable disk version.

Raggy (64k Intro) by Eltech -> (A1200 basic)(pic.7) ... cube mesh part issue ! (CPU timing -> if CE=OFF its OK)
Interestingly it has very similar glitch (but not identical due to CPU speed differences) with real A1200 too. Probably designed for fast ram or 68030 based systems.

S(pi)d (64k Intro) by Zomo -> (A1200 basic)(pic.8) ... CPU timing -> if CE=OFF its OK
Finally something that does not have any glitches on real A1200...

Alien (Demo) by Scoopex
works again.
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