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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
AROS needs to become more efficient.
bet, what i think about it. still with those few inexperienced testers like me and very few developers it "aint gonna happen any soon".

and and StormMesa can use software 3D in 128MB with no problem
storm mesa is mesa 3.0 right? aros mesa is mesa 7.x. current mesa is around 10.x. rhe demands grow with the capabilities of mainstream systems. i have talked about the memory footprint issue to deadwood, but
a) internal changes to mesa would be too difficult and time consuming, since there is no other platform that needs such measure.
b) the solution would be only temporary as it would affect an old mesa version and wouldnt be pushed upstream, so the problem would reappear with every new mesa port.
c) aros mesa is in comparison to storm mesa many times slower (in software). so it iisntz probable that it would ever become practicable solution especially on real amiga hardware.

The original target was 64MB of fast memory but I pushed for 128MB. I think it's the right amount for affordable accelerators. High end accelerators and standalone boards should get more memory.
i think 128mb if fairly enough when you take the genuine software base into account. but having better cpu will in turn increase demands on memory since new software will become practicable. for instance web browsing. currently the pure executable of owb takes 20mb, it takes ages to start it and it is rather slow in browsing, but imagine it would become popular with the fpga cpu users, who would actually start browsing todays css heavy internet with their amigas.
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